Wooshoo Savers Club (VIC)
wooshoo savers club (VIC)
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It is indeed a pleasure and an honour to be running the wooshoo savers club for Victoria.

For those that  are new to wooshoo, this site is tailored to you so that you may become aware of the multitudes of benefits and opportunities available to you should you choose to become a wooshoo member.

first up, Just for bringing your services across to wooshoo we will be offering you a $50 gift card that you can spend at prety much any store - like cash.

then, there are the savings that you will commence making on your unconcious consumption services such as telephone landlines, ISDN line, broadband and mobile phones to name a few. Being a member means that you are now empowered and exposed to the market and see it for what it really is as we reveal all that the large companies will not tell you.

If you are a professional organisation such as an accountancy firm and would like to provide the same wooshoo cost saving services to your client base so that they too may benefit, then join up as a wooshoo business affiliate and commence enjoying the upfront and recurring commission lifestyle that can quite quickly grow to be the envy of more mainstream passive income afficionado's.

please take the time to view the companies website if you wish and after that, please ask a friend or advisor about wooshoo. then once you are satisfied, give me a call or drop me an email and i will return your call at my expense.

i look forward to meeting with all my new friends and also with the current savers club members during the October cocktail party.


Joey Perreira

Chairperson - wooshoo savers club (VIC)

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